Maxicool Technology (Thailand) leading in -70 C freezing technology. The best technology to preserve you frozen food

Maxi-Cool Technology the leading in Low Temperature Food Freezing, with our more than 14 years experience in business, we sold more than 200 unit around ASEAN also include in USA Territory.  The Maxikool technology of -70 C freezing your product,  after keep for many years of your product in cold storage and then thaw them, the quality will be fresh same to your product before freeze.  This is the best technology in the world to keep your product freshness.
Beside of quality, the operation cost also much lower than other technology, approx. 0.5 Baht/ kg (0.015 USD/KG).  We are very much confidence in this lower freezing cost, so every unit we place  KW Hour meter to measure your freezing cost, (The cost is include everything like compressor, Fan, pump, solenoid valve ect.)