Benifit and Gurantee


Ensure the best of product quality equal to freezing by Cryogenic technology


 Ensure weight loss is less than 1%

 Ensure freezing time is equally to cryogenic system

 Ensure qaulity, texture and test after thawing is the same with fresh product


Ensuring a higher of return on investment

 Ensure freezing cost only 0.5 Baht/kg product compare to 7.00-10.00 B/Kg freezing by CO2 or N2

 Ensure 7 months return of investment (compare to using CO2/N2)


Ensure easy to install, less maintenance with good service team

  2-4 Days interruption on your production line while installation

  Small foot print to safe your space


Ensure hygienic design freezer


   Design the machine according to hygienic standard